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Winning Entries- French


Winning Essay by  Lt Randrianilana Hasina Tsitohaina, Malagasy Navy


Runners up Essay by First Lt Rakoto Adrianaironirina, Malagasy Navy


Winning Entries- English

Winning Essay by  Commander Neeraj Malhotra, Indian Navy


Runners up Essay by Chief Inspector Booneeady Kritanand, Mauritius National Coast Guard



IONS Open Essay Competition - 2008

IONS Essay Competition 2008

The inaugural 'IONS Essay Competition was conducted in 2008, with participation invited from all IONS member-navies. A total of 74 entries were received (66 English, and 08 French) on 'Sustaining the IONS Initiative : Practical Solutions'. No entry was received for the Arabic language. Essays in the English language were evaluated by the National Maritime Foundation, India, while essays in French were evaluated by the Collège Interarmées de Défense, France
Conducted by Indian Navy
Fri, 2009-01-02 (All day)
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